Carrier Command 2

The sci-fi carrier mil-sim strategy game for Steam.


The long awaited return of the strategical military conquest game. A nostalgic tribute to the 1988 original, reimagined and scaled to modern hardware and audiences.

Carrier Command 2 is a deeply mechanical strategy game, where the player commands the immense military power of the ACC Carrier, armed with cruise missiles and the capabilities of launchable land and sea vehicles.

At sea, and in isolation, with very limited support, the player is balanced on a knife edge between conquest and defeat.


The world is built from an open ocean populated by a series of procedural or semi-procedural islands. The islands accomodate industrial facilities as well as defensive military forces.

The player can move their carrier between islands seamlessly, in real time.

Player Control

The player commands the battle from a command interface in the bridge of the carrier. Here, the player commands carrier systems, autonomous orders via the map, and absolute control via video link.

The player is responsible for vehicle customization and load out, logisitcs, and military strategy.


As more island facilities are captured, the player has the option to produce more types of vehicles, weapons, and fit outs. This introduces mechanically diffierent capabilities, enabling new strategies and synergies.

At the same time, the enemy is also updating it’s own defenses, introducing new problems to solve.

A tribute to 1988

The visual style makes very strong reference to the art assets of early gaming, celebating low fidelity and the craft of efficient asset production.

Combined with very modern lighting and shading, the game looks both ‘retro’ and ‘next level visuals’ at the same time, with a unique and unmistakable identity.


Fog, smoke, particles, weather, and light sources, will all bring together a rich animated environment with a strong moody atmosphere.

Changing environmental conditions can also have a gameplay impact that effects strategies.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Geometa
  • Publisher: Microprose
  • Release Date: Summer 2021
  • Platforms: Steam