True Legacy

The interactive text-based story game for iPhone and iPad.


The near future. The effects of computer intelligence and robotics on employment. The morality and politics of human genetics.

TRUE LEGACY takes place in a near future of monstrous metropolises, uncontrollable unemployment, and state oversight. Aspirations are reserved for the privileged.

You are Thornhill, a career city investigator, institutionally loyal with a worn sense of protocol. The perfect choice for this type of investigation.

Interactive Format

The game takes the format of a text based interactive story adventure, overlayed above rich interactive 3D hand crafted scenes.


Five chapters lead you through a dark noir adventure, a city investigation in a dystopian future, that collides with the morality and politics of A.I., robotics, and human genetics.


Interactive scenes lay behind and between the typography of the story. These scenes are beautifully crafted interactive illustrations.


Explore the world and narrative for information and clues and solve interactive puzzles.


True Legacy is developed in collaboration with scientific experts and specialists in the fields of forensics, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Geometa
  • Release Date: February 2018
  • Platforms: iPhone, iPad